Nyfors AutoCoater 2 SC

Nyfors product. The AutoCoater 2 SC™ is used to restore the protective coating on acrylate coated optical fibers in high strength applications. It is fully automatic, allowing for operator skill independent operation in factory environments with high cost and productivity advantages. This modified version of the automatic AutoCoater 2™ is equipped with special clamps for recoating applications where only short lengths of fiber are available. A narrower positioning and shorter distance between the fiber clamps than in the standard version enables clamping and recoating of fibers as short as 124 mm without reducing the recoat length itself.

  • Automatic and operator skill independent
  • Short cycle time
  • Special fiber clamps for recoating with short fiber lengths
  • Easy mold exchange and replacement
  • Handles most fiber dimensions with custom molds available
  • Uniform diameter, overcoating and undersize recoating capability
  • Short curing times
  • High and low-index recoating
  • No need for compressed air or vacuum
Key markets
  • Optical components
  • Optical devices
Brochure & Manual
Nyfors AutoCoater 2SC(PDF 163KB)